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Carpet Cleaning Services

All our Professional carpet cleaners are fully trained to use the latest technological advances in Carpet and tile cleaning industry to guarantee a superior clean for your carpet at home or business. At Gecci Cleaning we do not use the same cleaning method to every type of carpet  we either steam or dry clean, other companies will only use and recommend one method, which may not be the most suitable method to your carpet cleaning requirements.

Gecci Cleaning wants you to experience the best and latest carpet cleaning equipment, designed to leave a fantastic clean and fresh premises. W\e provide our customer both steam and dry carpet cleaning for:

  • Professional Carpet steam cleaning
  • Specialised Carpet dry cleaning
  • Delicate Upholstery cleaning
  • Brilliant Tile and grout cleaning
  • Rug and Mattress Cleaning

  • Flood and water removal
  • Prompt Insurance work
  • Car seats and cover cleaning
  • Outdoor Paver cleaning
  • Proven Carpet protection

  • Special machines for High rise units
  • Residential Carpet cleaning and Commercial
  • Commercial Carpet cleaning

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